Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Photoshop?! Facetune?!

Now when you look at this pic, it looks smooth and photoshop like right? My face looks like there's barely any textures right? Well I can assure you that my skin definitely has its textures, bumps, and scars. So how do I get it to look this smooth? Well I have 2 little secrets hunties. 
Secret #1 skincare: let's be honest, I'm not a little girl anymore. I'm 25 years old. Therefore, I have to take care of my skin before I look like a prune. I am very big in skincare. Your face is your bare canvas; thus, it must be in great condition for your makeup to look great. Oily/combination (winter) skin with black heads, large pores, darks spots, scars, cystic acne and some hormonal acne once in a while. My skin is not perfect. I'm not perfect either. I love squeezing out blackheads and whiteheads. But now I'm trying to educate & control myself. I cleanse my skin with a proper cleanser to help with my skin problems 2x a day. I always moisturize with an oil free cream or a facial spray. Eye cream is a must! Little lines start forming now so you want to beat them at its track. Exfoliation is a must! I exfoliate 3x a week. That helps remove dead skin cells and build up on the surface of your skin. Find one that's suitable for your skin type. For the acne and dark spots I have use specific products targeted for those. And last but not least, sunscreen. It's a must! I'm not a huge fan of sunscreen but I'm not trying to make my dark spots and scars look any worse! When my friends contact me asking for makeup products to help conceal their troubled skin, I say: focus on taking care of your skin first. Invest on your skin, and then makeup. If your skin is looking right, your makeup will look right. 

Now secret #2 primers: there are some primers or other products that I use as makeup primers that gives my skin that Photoshop blur effect. And honestly, what girl doesn't want that?! Even the girl with the baby bottom smooth face what's that blur like effect to her makeup. Well my 2 favorite products that I've noticed gives me that blur are: Lancôme Visionnaire 1-min Blur & Dr. Jart Water Fuse Beauty Balm SPF 25. Lancôme Visionnaire is a silicone based primer that just glides over your skin and diminishes the size of your pores and just blurs your skin. I fell in love with it after the first use! You can find this product at sephora. Ask for a free sample and test it out! Now the other product is a BB cream. Yes you can use a BB cream as a primer because it works just the same as a regular primer but gives you a head start on skin coverage. Now this BB cream comes only in 1 shade which is light. Well I made it work. I massage it into the skin until it is well absorbed and the color is not so pale. I go just a tiny bit darker on my foundation or use more bronzer to make sure it doesn't affect my overall look. Not only this BB cream gives me the blur effect, but also helps concealing my spots, pores and it has SPF protection! And guess what? It does not leave a white cast because of the SPF or a flash bounce back! This product can also be purchased at sephora and definitely ask for a sample. 
In essence hunties, take care of your skin because then you'll wake up FLAWLESS and your beat will be FLAWLESS! 

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